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Good News

I got a piece of good news yesterday. When I went in for my treatment, Dr. Anderson walked in the office (late as usual) with an ‘I-know-something-you-don’t’ grin on her face and handed me the results from my last echocardiogram … Continue reading

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Notes from a Mother with Cancer

“Ever since you got cancer you are so mean!”   Theses are the delightful words of my teenage son, who truly thinks that because I have cancer I am taking it out on him.  That I am just pissed off … Continue reading

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Look out World

My friend Karen is amazing.  She stared down breast cancer 5 years ago and showed it who was boss, had a kidney transplant 4 months ago, works full time, raises 3 kids and has an amazingly positive attitude.  On top … Continue reading

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I have had two disappointing days. Yesterday, I missed my 9 year-old-daughter’s chorus recital.  As I approached the school at 3:30 I noticed the smiling children and their parents exiting the playground door. “It’s over,” one of the mother’s said … Continue reading

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Mommy Doesn’t Have Cancer Anymore

I glanced down at the clock in my car, saw that it said 5:10, added the five minutes in my head to learn the actual time of 5:15, and announced with bravado to the 4 twelve year old boys crammed in the backseat, … Continue reading

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Helpful Hints

   The next time you are in a park and someone in running clothes asks to use your cellphone to call their husband because that person just ran 3 miles to a soccer field to see her daughter play a … Continue reading

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One Down…

…One thousand eight hundred and twenty four to go.  Days that is, that I will have to take my new medicine. I started my tamoxifen today  The pill that I will take daily for five years to kill the estrogen … Continue reading

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