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Aidan, Maeve, Calvin and Carlie

I am a 46 year old mother of 3 kids. This blog started as e-mails to my friends after learning of my diagnosis with stage 2,Er/pr positive, her2/neu positive breast cancer. Since December 2008 I have had a mastectomy,lymph node removal surgery, port-placement surgery, reconstruction surgery, 4 rounds of Adriamycin/Cytoxin chemotherapy, 3 rounds of Taxol, and  a full year of Herceptin.These are my thoughts as I work my way through the stages of diagnosis, surgery and chemotherapy, and beyond. I am an avid runner and biker who loves to do sprint triathlons.  Much of this writing will hopefully be part of my book someday.  Please feel free to leave comments…I love to know there are people out there reading my words, and hopefully helping those newly diagnosed to understand that you can live through a cancer diagnosis and life does go on….

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  1. Fran, I absolutely love this idea. However, I really will miss your emails. I am so sorry about the rodent/hamster/newest member of your family. Maybe Maive should stick with the stuffed animals for a while – they do very well sleeping in pocketbooks.

    Tuesday is my big day and I never got around to visit before this. Time is just flying and I can’t believe how much I have to do before Tuesday. I am going to ask you a really big favor and I hate to ask for things – you were so nice to offer to bring over Stew next week but I was wondering if you would bring it to my neighbor’s house instead. The least I could do it get a meal or two delivered to their house – he’s giving me a friggin kidney and saving me from having to go on dialysis for 5 years waiting for one. Such an overwhelming process. Anyway, the Skinners live at 60 Sanborn Street (the house behind us with the swimming pool). Jennifer Driscoll is having a bunch of ladies do meals for me for 2 weeks so I thought I could ask you do give your meal to Rob and Krista.

    I am sending out a group email so that Bill will have everyone’s emails and he can let you know how it goes. I am sure it will be fine, I will be puffy from all the salt water and drugs they infuse but that should only last a few days. Cross your fingers the surgeon gets a good night sleep! Keep the stories going. Karen.

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