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Thank Goodness for Chemo Day

There’s a new sentence I have added to my repertoire. A phrase that I find myself saying quite often and before last year would have seemed absurd: “Lucky for me I have chemo tomorrow (or this week).” I said it on … Continue reading

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One Hot Mama

Lately, I must admit, I am so hot! I mean smokin’!  By this I do not mean hot in the sense that I think I look amazing., although my hairdresser did fix my hair color finally to make it look more … Continue reading

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You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Of all the terrible hardships that chemo afflicts on the body, the most noticeable and (to me) the most daunting is the loss of hair.  It seems crazy to worry about such trivial matters when things like heart-failure and loss of bone … Continue reading

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Look out World

My friend Karen is amazing.  She stared down breast cancer 5 years ago and showed it who was boss, had a kidney transplant 4 months ago, works full time, raises 3 kids and has an amazingly positive attitude.  On top … Continue reading

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