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Some people are asking how I am doing since dropping my youngest daughter at college for her freshman year this past week. I tell them I am fine. Cleaning out the house, staying at work late, hanging out with the … Continue reading

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Why I March

Tomorrow I will walk in the Boston Woman’s march.  There are quite a few dissenters who have called the march  a walk for “Self serving middle classed white women”. Yes, I am a 53 year old middle class white woman. … Continue reading

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A Serious Problem

“You are too serious all the time,” says my 16 year old daughter. She also says that all I talk about is drugs and alcohol and that I turn every conversation into a “life lesson”. And she is right. Because … Continue reading

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As so many of you know, Susan and I have ridden to raise money for cancer through the PMC for the last 5 years. Together we have raised over $40,000 in that time period.To our sponsors we say THANK YOU!! … Continue reading

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PMC–the epilogue

Five years ago, while still  enduring chemo treatments, I asked my friend Susan to join me in riding the PMC, the 192 mile bike-a-thon that raises millions of dollars for cancer research..  By asking her this, I was asking her … Continue reading

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You Won’t Cry This Time

Sophomore year. The plans had been set all summer–the plans for returning to college. Buy used furniture, Rent a U-haul, grab his friend in Jersey, drive to new apartment in South Carolina. I listened to the plans, but I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Hoping for a Miracle -PMC UPdate

The PMC is 3 weeks away– Panic is setting in, but just a little.  In the past you have all been very generous with your donations and for that I am so very grateful. Usually by this time I have … Continue reading

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Drip, Drip, Drip

Over the past 13 years I have gotten quite used to my daughter’s behavior.  That is–kicking and screaming and freaking out over every small incidence in her life. I had grown accustomed to the slamming doors, the crying jags, the … Continue reading

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I’m Feeling Lucky

Five is my new lucky number for a few reasons. I turned 50 this year, this is my 5th year riding in the PMC and it is also my 5th year cancer anniversary. At 5 years post diagnosis and treatment … Continue reading

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Testing 1,2,3

Hello. Anybody out there?  I’ve been away from my writing far too long. The thought of this has been pawing at the back of my brain along with the growing list of guilts and anxieties regarding my well intentioned tasks–cleaning … Continue reading

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