Why I March

Tomorrow I will walk in the Boston Woman’s march.  There are quite a few dissenters who have called the march  a walk for “Self serving middle classed white women”.

Yes, I am a 53 year old middle class white woman. And yes, I am marching tomorrow. Self Serving? That’s a bit more complicated — one I had to sit and think hard about .  I realized that although my first reaction to sign up was a selfish need to quell my feeling of hopelessness with the election results , actually the many reasons I walk are for things that no longer effect me directly.

At my age I am quite sure I will no longer need Planned Parenthood  — yet I march for my daughter and the future daughters of all Americans who may need their services–for the control of their own bodies and for the decisions they make on birth control and pregnancy that should NOT be dictated by men in Government. 

I currently work for myself  and don’t have to deal with it, but in my younger days have worked for men who have belittled and bullied me with sexual harassment that would not be tolerated today — So I March for this generation of young woman who face the possibility of that kind of harassment being once again allowed, accepted, and excused with a government that brushes it off as “locker room talk”.

As a woman I am a minority, but I am not Black, Muslim, Hispanic or LGBTQ–So I march for these woman and men in solidarity and humbleness. I march with these Americans in mind knowing that any oppression I may feel is quadrupled for them and something they have dealt with their entire lives. I fear for them and try to put myself in their shoes whenever I can, also knowing that there is no possible way to fully understand their plight.

I am a Cancer survivor but am fortunate to have private insurance and am no longer in need of care –yet I march for the Affordable Care Act and everyone with a preexisting condition who needs expensive treatments or surgery. I march for those that can’t afford insurance and those who wouldn’t have it if not for the ACA; for the many factors of the system that work in hopes that any changes made are still going to be in Americans best interest.

I have read and heard talk that marching does no good. It’s not enough. You should do more. That may be true. But I liken it to this…Over the years I have participated in so many runs and bike rides to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.   These  events eventually got peoples attention and subsequently led to funding and more research. If all we do tomorrow is raise awareness than that’s ok. Awareness leads to attention –attention to action.

I wish this event was not called  the ‘March for Women’, but rather a ‘March for Freedom’ because it is so much more. There will be men and woman from all walks of life.  I want my daughter to understand this…I want her to see and feel how others are affected and to know that  she has an obligation to stand and fight for the rights of all people– not only the ones that affect her.



About francesbarrie

Cancer survivor,mom,triathlete,writer,jewelry maker, baker. Staying happy and healthy,living life and enjoying it one moment at a time.
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