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At Your Service

I am your waitress. I am not your wife.  Or your child. Or your punching bag after a bad day. I am here to serve you. Make you comfortable and explain the menu in detail. Get you a drink, some … Continue reading

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As the school year comes to a close, I am finding it harder and harder to keep it all straight. End of year picnics, brunches, dances and finals all fighting to be remembered in a brain that has about half … Continue reading

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This Time Next Year

Tomorrow is my birthday. The fact that it is on Friday the 13th makes me very nervous.  I am considering not leaving my house, which is quite impossible as I have to run a Valentines Day craft in my daughters … Continue reading

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Living in the Moment

I learned an important lesson as I was running through the icy streets yesterday.   I realized that If I think about how much fartherI have to go until the end or even visualize a hill that I will be be ascending a few … Continue reading

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I have had two disappointing days. Yesterday, I missed my 9 year-old-daughter’s chorus recital.  As I approached the school at 3:30 I noticed the smiling children and their parents exiting the playground door. “It’s over,” one of the mother’s said … Continue reading

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Mommy Doesn’t Have Cancer Anymore

I glanced down at the clock in my car, saw that it said 5:10, added the five minutes in my head to learn the actual time of 5:15, and announced with bravado to the 4 twelve year old boys crammed in the backseat, … Continue reading

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