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Nervous Breakdown

Somewhere in the kitchen of each of the many houses I grew up in was a five inch square metal plaque, hung by my mother and seen by myself and everyone who entered her kitchen daily.  I read it over the … Continue reading

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An Opportunity to Help

Now  that I am feeling healthy again I figure that I need to take advantage of it since I now know how fleeting health and well being can be.   I am registered for 2 triathlons this up coming season … Continue reading

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Notes from a Mother with Cancer

“Ever since you got cancer you are so mean!”   Theses are the delightful words of my teenage son, who truly thinks that because I have cancer I am taking it out on him.  That I am just pissed off … Continue reading

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Mommy Doesn’t Have Cancer Anymore

I glanced down at the clock in my car, saw that it said 5:10, added the five minutes in my head to learn the actual time of 5:15, and announced with bravado to the 4 twelve year old boys crammed in the backseat, … Continue reading

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The Last Apple Pie

I made an apple pie yesterday morning with my daughter. I let her roll out the extra dough and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top then cut them into pinwheels. I used to do this with my mother and watching my … Continue reading

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Helpful Hints

   The next time you are in a park and someone in running clothes asks to use your cellphone to call their husband because that person just ran 3 miles to a soccer field to see her daughter play a … Continue reading

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The waiting Room

“I think you were right about the Taxol.”   These were the words that dropped from the mouth of my Oncologist as she finished examining me yesterday.   “Your breathing is fine now,,” she continued,”I think it was the Taxol … Continue reading

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