PMC Week 1 : Long Ride Goal

Although the unseasonably warm Spring allowed Susan and I to get out on our bikes as early as March this year, the official training schedule didn’t begin until this week.  Since many of you are supporting us in our  quest to ride from Wellesley to P-Town in the name of cancer research, I have decided to keep you all in the loop of our training shedule.  This is how Susan has set up our long ride schedules so we will be ready in August.  I trust Susan–she got me in shape last year and I have full confidence that she will do it again.  Some of the back to back rides–like on July 5th–look a little daunting but hopefully we can pull it off.  The weather conditions have to be right and we have to have enough time.  It takes us all day to ride 90 miles.

Fran & Susan’s 2010 PMC Training Guide – Long Ride Goals
Week Beginning Dist
1 May 10, 2010 30
2 May 17, 2010 40
3 May 24, 2010 50
4 May 31, 2010 60
5 June 7, 2010 50/40
6 June 14, 2010 70
7 June 21, 2010 80/50
8 June 28, 2010 60
9 July 5, 2010 90/60
10 July 12, 2010 80
11 July 19, 2010 50
12 July 26, 2010 70
PMC 84/81

This week we met our goal, riding 31 chilly, windy miles on Tuesday.  We pedaled into the wind up Haverill Street to Marblehead Rd. in North Reading tackling for the first time this year one of our most dreaded hills.  It was a good feeling to get it done knowing that in a few weeks this hill will seem easy.  On our way through Harold Parker Forest we discovered a new Alpaca Farm that was only established last August and realized that we hadn’t ridden this way since doing the PMC last year.

We got out again on Thursday for a 34 mile ride into Middleton.  So as of our first official week of training, Susan and I are right on schedule.  We will keep you posted as our training continues throughout the Summer. If you would like to donate to our ride go to

Thanks for your support!

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