I realized the other day that my last post, for those that don’t know me, may have sounded a little like I was looking for sympathy.  This whole ‘blogging’ thing is a little disconcerting since I am now putting myself and my writing out to the world instead of just the group of e-mail recipients it once was. I certainly did not mean “oh look, poor me, I still have cancer” it was just a jumping off point from my daughter’s comment in an attempt to explain how being diagnosed with cancer changes you forever.

That being said I also realized that it must be a similar feeling for those with heart disease.  I suppose if you live with a compromised heart you would always be worrying about having a heart attack or be concerned when you overexert yourself. Actually any chronic disease would be the same.  Those with asthma, I am sure, always think about it and worry about having an attack. 

So I guess I have just entered into a world where thousands of people have already resided.  So many deal daily with their own pain or disease, sometimes having to make compromises and adjustments. I am no different, just newly aware. This is one more gift I can say cancer has given me — a new understanding and appreciation for others suffering.

Also, for those of you wondering; the 2 cysts under my arm were just cysts, nothing else. Yippee. Although I ripped the stitches while swimming last week and got hollered at by Dr. Christian’s assistant, Charlotte. “YOU WENT SWIMMING?!”  Well, in my defense, the doctor told me to wait a week, and I did wait a week…to the day.  Oh well, there is nothing they can do now, the nurse said it’s just going to take a lot longer to heal and I will have a nasty scar. That’s fine —  I am racking up quite an array of cool battle scars these days.

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Cancer survivor,mom,triathlete,writer,jewelry maker, baker. Staying happy and healthy,living life and enjoying it one moment at a time.
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  1. gina says:

    #1~It DID NOT sound like a plea for sympathy
    #2~It was almost a relief to read those words. It is absolutely a common misconception that when the treatments done, if you get the thumbs up at the 3 mnth follow up appt, the cancer’s done. NOT TRUE the kids would say to my Dad “Is the cancer all gone now Nonno?” to which he would reply “No guys, it sleeping.”
    So, it’s great that you’re not a miserable person and you truly take and appreciate every lesson that comes from this perfidious disease. Your body is not simply compromised; it is being attacked…unfortunate for the cancer, it has underestimated it’s opponent, I’m sure.

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