It’s been a crazy, busy summer.  Yet, despite work schedules, personal issues, and the impending opening of my new bakery, Susan and I have managed to somehow get in all of our Pan Mass Challenge training.  The PMC is next weekend and Susan and I have logged hundreds and hundreds of miles over the past few months, leaving most mornings before 5:30 am and sometimes not arriving home until well into the afternoon.  As luck would have it most of our long rides coincided with the sweltering heat wave that passed through New England a few weeks ago.

Fran & Susan’s 2012 PMC Training Guide – Long Ride Goals






May 14, 2012



May 21, 2012



May 28, 2012



June 4, 2012



June 11, 2012



June 18, 2012



June 25, 2012



July 2, 2012



July 9, 2012



July 16, 2012



July 23, 2012



July 30, 2012


But as hard as we train and as physically daunting as it seems on some days, I feel that I have not worked hard enough this year.  In trying to fit in all my training, baking, coordinating, running and swimming, and maneuvering with the kids, I have forgotten one very important part of  the PMC–the fundraising. I have not spent enough time on that aspect and I started to feel a little guilty about asking people for donations. Last year I had more time to make and sell necklaces and in previous years I was closer to my cancer diagnosis which made donating for some a little easier.

Granted, the PMC is about biking, but what it  really is about is raising money for cancer research.  Bottom line. I am doing this ride for one purpose only — To make my own personal contribution to ending this disease, that is, as we speak, still spreading all around us.  I personally had two friends die this year from cancer.  These were young, vibrant people with so much more to give.  Yet their lives ended far too early….leaving many children behind to feel the loss forever.

So here I am facing the ride next week–a 192 mile ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown–a ride which I know will be filled with fabulous people, riders and volunteers as well as cancer survivors who stand on the side of the road with signs that say THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME ALIVE…  I would like to start my ride knowing I have done everything I can to reach my goal of $4200. I am almost there, but not quite.

I can’t thank you enough, those that have supported our ride, those that will, and those that truly want to but just can’t swing it this time. I love you all and am grateful every day that I am physically strong enough to ride my bike in the name of those that cannot.

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Cancer survivor,mom,triathlete,writer,jewelry maker, baker. Staying happy and healthy,living life and enjoying it one moment at a time.
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