Team — Kicked by an Angel


PMC2009_Team_Shots_55It was a picture perfect day at the end of our first day of riding in the PMC.  This is our ‘Team Photo” taken at the Canal in Bourne at the Mass Maritime Academy.  The photographer wanted to know when the rest of our team was showing up but we informed him it was just ‘us’, so he agreed to take our photo.  We are so happy to be finished the first day of riding, showered and heading to the beer tent.  What an  awesome day!


About francesbarrie

Cancer survivor,mom,triathlete,writer,jewelry maker, baker. Staying happy and healthy,living life and enjoying it one moment at a time.
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7 Responses to Team — Kicked by an Angel

  1. Kristen says:

    You guys look HOT!!!! I can’t believe this was taken after a zillion-mile bike ride!!

  2. Gina D. says:

    Wow Fran! You and Susan are amazing. Congratulations to you both on taking on and then actually finishing the ride, and to you for everything you have accomplished (right word? maybe overcome) in the past couple years. Love your writing too.

  3. Karen says:

    This is a gorgeous photograph of you two – frameworthy. Congrats on a fabulous journey!!

  4. Judi says:

    You both look so great. Gorgeous I might add! Congratulations doll to both of you what an accomplishment!!

  5. Hollace says:

    Oh my gosh Fran – my first reaction to this is you both look Awesome! What a great picture of the two of you –

  6. Karen says:

    Fran, what a beautiful picture of you and your friend. Congratulations to you both!!! I’m glad to hear you are doing well.

  7. Beth says:


    Congratulations! What an accomplishment! I have enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your page. You are an amazing woman. You and your friend, Susan should be so proud.

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